Angela Wydall Weightlifting Coaching FAQs

    Who can book in for coaching?
    Anyone from complete novice to experienced lifter to athletes cross training for other sports can book in. Coaching will be to your individual goals

    How long have you been involved in weightlifting?
    I have been involoved with weightlifting at the Cougars Weightlifting Club for over 20 years.

    What is your coaching style?
    I coach because I love it. My focus is always on ensuring results for each athlete. The coaching provided is highly individualised with the goal of you are continuously progressing within your own ability and experience level.

    What age do you coach?
    Age 12 and upwards

    What geographic area do you coach in?
    I am based at Cougars Weightlifting Club on Brisbane's southside but also do remote coaching (including via video/email).

    Were you ever a competitive lifter?
    I was a lifter in the 58kg bodyweight category and gave up lifting about 15 years ago to become a coach. My personal bests were 75kg snatch and 90kg clean and jerk. I lifted on a few International teams before moving into coaching.

    Who are you greatest influences as a coach?
    Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with many other high performance weightlifting coaches. These have included Lyn Jones, Michael Keelan, Leo Isaac, Yurik Sarkissian and Miles Wydall.

Reilly Smith - Weightlifter
Reilly Smith - 2016 National Junior Champion