Return to the States

Mel snatch
Mel Robinson returns to competition after hip surgery


The weekend of 20th June was a huge weekend for the Cougars Weightlifting Club, hosting the Queensland Championships. There were many close battles, many medals, PBs and great performances.


From an Angie’s Squad point of view the number of lifters was quite small because the Youths lifted the previous weekend at their Nationals, so sat this one out.


Erika Ropati Frost is off to the Pacific Games next week, so for this event did not make weight or max out. She put in a comfortable 6/6 performance with 77 snatch, 100 clean and jerk. Despite lifting well within her limits she won the best lifter trophy with 264 sinclair points.


From a coaching perspective I was also pleased about the return to competition of 5 athletes who had been away for some months.

Many times Australian rep Michelle Kahi lifted in the 75s, taking the gold medal with an easy 72 snatch, 90 clean and jerk. Definitely a platform lifter, definitely capable of more!

Mel Robinson and Liana Lambert (both former Aus reps) showed strong progression on their returns to competition.

Billy Freer and Pito Levi both put in their first comp performance this year with Billy taking home a bronze medal in the 94s.


But one of the best things about all of this is the buzz, the momentum, the motivation, the excitement, the looking forward to the next one……..the potential